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The Student Sustainability Coalition first came together over three years ago to advocate for the hiring of a staff coordinator to support student initiatives. Following the opening of our space in the Erb Memorial Student Union, the Coalition has been hard at work bringing divergent students together to raise awareness and make positive differences. The Coalition has evolved into a tight knot umbrella organization with several tiers. Groups sign onto the Sustainability Charter (read it here!). Signatories then have voting rights through their ambassador, and together they vote for the Board of Directors. Through this networked, lateral leadership structure, students can come together around major issues that impact diverse interests and make a big difference on campus and in our community.
We believe that the future of sustainability lies in community; people coming together honestly and putting their perspectives and passions to their highest use to make our communities and ecosystems thrive.


New Name. The UO Sustainability Center is now the UO Student Sustainability Coalition. The name change will help to clarify the unique goals of our community and will emphasize the Coalition’s role as a hub for student collaboration, education, and activism.
New Logo. The dandelion reflects sustainability for the students and staff in the Coalition. The dandelion is everywhere, provides major benefits, and is often overlooked. This little plant stabilizes soil, moves nutrients, provides food for pollinators and food and medicine to people. The dandelion is the essence of sustainability because of its simplicity, ubiquity, and benefits, and our petals are the dozens of unique groups with whom we partner!


Charter.  The Student Sustainability Coalition has drafted a CharterAny group or individual may sign the Charter, which grants voting rights for community decisions, support from a vibrant and diverse group of student leaders, and which commits groups to work towards finding common ground around the major social, environmental, and cultural issues that we face.  Ambassadors. Ambassadors are representative liaisons between Coalition Charter signatories and the Board of Directors, helping to support communication and strategic goals for our growing community of advocates.