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The Student Sustainability Coalition Board of Directors are an annually elected group of leaders, who focus on building partnerships between organizations, departments, and student of all interests. These leaders are trained in facilitation, campaign development, marketing, and outreach. By supporting the Coalition, signatories to the Charter will vote for the next year’s Board of Directors.


Welcome to our Board!

Equity, Justice, and Health             Amber Erkan
Food and Landscapes                       Carolyn Candela
Business and Politics                        Jenna Salazar
Energy and Transportation            Paul Metzler
Climate and Preservation               Stacy Ludington
At Large                                                Allie Sasek
Buildings and Zero Waste               Molly Phenix


Stacy Ludington

Climate and Preservation


Stacy is getting her masters degree in Community and Regional Planning where she is focusing on the mitigation of climate related natural hazards. She first became interested in sustainability issues during an environmental science class she took in high school, which inspired her to get her bachelors degree in Environmental Science. During that time, she was also an instructor for the Outdoor Program and was paid to lead trips on skiing, snowboarding, caving, and kayaking (awesome!). During her free time, she likes to cook, bike, sing opera, go hiking, hang out with her husband and amazing friends, and train her new Shetland Sheepdog puppy, Tucker.


Allie Sasek

At Large


Allie is a junior pursuing a Russian& Eastern European Studies degree with a double minor in Women & Gender studies and Planning, Public Policy and Management.  Allie moved from Pennsylvania and, prior to coming to the University of Oregon, hadn’t known much about sustainability, activism or even *gasp* gardening.  She became involved with the Climate Justice League during her freshman year and has steadily become more and more involved on the UO campus and in the Cascade region in working towards sustainability.  During travels across America and Europe, she has found her passion with connecting people together on environmental issues and creating a more cohesive sense of community.  For fun, she makes mix-tapes for friends and visits the goats in Hendricks Park, among other adventures.


Molly Phenix

Buildings and Zero Waste


My interest in the environment probably started early on as a kid growing up in Colorado.  I have always loved being outside and enjoying nature, and moving to Oregon only intensified that.  I am a general social science major with a focus on globalization, environment, and policy, and a women and gender studies minor.   Having known for a long time that environmental justice and sustainability are very important to me, I am excited to be the Student Sustainability Coalition’s new Buildings and Zero Waste board chair.  In the last couple of years I have been involved with the Climate Justice League, attended a Powershift conference, and interned for Skipping Stones, a multicultural and sustainability-focused children’s magazine.  All of these have been great experiences, but I am really looking forward to playing a larger role in fighting for sustainability on the U of O campus and in the community.


Paul Metzler

Transportation and Energy


As the transportation and energy board member this year, Paul Metzler hopes to support student groups that are working hard to make the University of Oregon a safe and sustainable place to go to school. He believes that students have the power to influence citywide decisions that can make bicycle transportation fun, rather than nerve racking. He also believes that students can be involved in efforts by the University of Oregon to reach, and innovate beyond, nationwide sustainability standards. His is an environmental studies major with interests in city planning, botany, bicycle maintenance, fermenting foods, sustainable building design, and fine woodworking.


Amber Erkan

Equity and Justice


With aspirations of living in a more just, harmonious global community, Amber is a sophomore undergraduate student pursuing a degree in international studies with a focus on human rights/conflict resolution in the Middle East. She is learning how to speak, write, and read Arabic, and finds herself most interested in the Israel/Palestine conflict. She is hoping to graduate and work internationally promoting the welfare of all humans. Although she is originally from the state of New York and spent her high school years in South Carolina, she is hoping to soak up as much of the west coast as she can while she is living out here. In her free time, she enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, traveling, reading interesting books, and going to concerts.


Carolyn Candela

Food and Landscapes


Hi, I’m Carolyn. I’m a second year graduate student in the Master of Nonprofit Management program. I’m originally from New York, but hope to stay in the Pacific Northwest after I finish my program. In terms of sustainability, my main interests revolve around food justice and food secure communities. As an undergraduate, I was heavily involved in student and community advocacy groups focused on environmental issues. I’m currently serving on the Board of Directors for School Garden Project, a local nonprofit that promotes garden education programs in Lane County school districts. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, going to concerts, working on my cooking skills, practicing yoga, hiking, and reading. Fun fact: I’m a long time vegetarian with a strong interest in cheese (I love trying all different kinds!).


Jenna Salazar

Business and Policy


Jenna is a sophomore majoring in Business and minoring in Environmental Studies. She grew up in Denver, Colorado where she learned to appreciate the beauty of our planet. While taking an environmental science class in high school, she learned about the damage that is being done to our planet and how to change her way of life and goals for the future. She is determined to be a role model for other students looking to understand how we can better coexist with our planet. As the Business and Policy Board of Director, she believes that if we are going to make a difference, we must all understand the balance between business, public policy, and the environment. She also plans on being in the forefront of sustainability solutions for the University of Oregon. In her free time, Jenna enjoys snowboarding, golfing, road biking, and eating.