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Coalition Coordinators

The Student Sustainability Coalition coordinators are an annually selected group of leaders, who focus on building partnerships between organizations, departments, and student of all interests. These leaders are trained in facilitation, campaign development, project management, and outreach.

Earth Week Coordinator: Amber Erkan
Events Coordinator: Megan Garland
Organization Point of Contact: Allie Sasek
Student Outreach Coordinator: Dalton Fusco
Community Outreach Coordinator: Erin Walker
Student Sustainability Fund Coordinator: Nathan Mathabane
Finance Coordinator: Tiffany Ang


Amber Erkan

Earth Week Coordinator


With aspirations of living in a more just, harmonious global community, Amber is a junior studying political science and international studies. Specifically, she is focusing on diplomacy, the Middle East, and the Arabic language. After graduation, she is hoping she will be able to work as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Youth in Development sector in Jordan. Upon returning, she hopes to kick off an international career promoting the welfare of all humans. This year, Amber is going to try really hard to bring a human rights based Amnesty International student organization to the University of Oregon – if interested, please feel free to get in touch with her! Though an east coaster at heart, she has found immense enjoyment in her time in Oregon and is excited for another great school year. In her spare time, Amber loves to read, travel if possible, try new restaurants around Eugene, run, go to concerts, and experience things she has never experienced before.


Megan Garland

Events Coordinator


Megan Garland is a senior double majoring in Chinese and International Studies. Growing up in Oregon helped shape her passion in being a part of the shift to more sustainable communities. After doing service work in LA and Oakland working in community gardens, she has found a new passion in encouraging local food consumption and getting more people in the loop of growing their own food. Megan is also involved in the International Student Association, UNICEF, and Climate Justice League. She enjoys running, studying diplomacy, and traveling.


Allie Sasek

Organization Point of Contact


Allie is a senior pursuing a Russian& Eastern European Studies degree with a double minor in Women & Gender studies and Planning, Public Policy and Management.  Allie moved from Pennsylvania and, prior to coming to the University of Oregon, hadn’t known much about sustainability, activism or even *gasp* gardening.  She became involved with the Climate Justice League during her freshman year and has steadily become more and more involved on the UO campus and in the Cascade region in working towards sustainability.  During travels across America and Europe, she has found her passion with connecting people together on environmental issues and creating a more cohesive sense of community.  For fun, she makes mix-tapes for friends and visits the goats in Hendricks Park, among other adventures.


Dalton Fusco

Student Outreach Coordinator


Dalton is a senior from Scottsdale, Arizona majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Geological Sciences. She is currently involved in OSPIRG on campus and worked on their Stop Global Warming campaign.  Dalton enjoys hiking, going to farmers markets, camping, and all things Oregon.  Having come from the desert, she was blown away by how gorgeous and green it is here and has developed a passion for sustainability and keeping Oregon green!


Erin Walker

Community Outreach Coordinator


Erin is a senior studying environmental science and biology. She enjoys biking, hiking, reading, and spending time with her family. Erin is very passionate about finding solutions to the current environmental issues in society. She aspires to one day work for NOAA and help the world to better understand climate change and it’s effects on biological life. Erin is currently interning with the City of Eugene native plant nursery.


Nathan Mathabane

Student Sustainability Fund Coordinator


Nathan Mathabane is a graduate student in the Department of Geological Sciences. He earned his Bachelors in Geological Sciences from Princeton University in the spring of 2013 and is an avid outdoor enthusiast. He is a former member both the University of Oregon and Princeton Track and Field teams, competing in the mile and 800m.

When not running or doing research, Nathan enjoys reading, watching excellent television, thinking deep, arcane thoughts and writing in the third person. He is very excited to be acting at the Sustainability Fund Coordinator at the Student Sustainability Coalition and encourages you to contact him if you have any questions about anything, fund-related or otherwise.


Tiffany Ang

Finance Coordinator


Tiffany is an international student pursuing a degree in Accounting and Psychology. After moving to Eugene from Singapore, she has gained a lot more exposure to environmental awareness. She enjoys traveling and wants to be able to visit every continent. In her spare time, she likes to read fantasy and mystery novels and do music covers.