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Eric Beeler

Student Sustainability Coordinator


Eric Beeler has years of experience working on sustainability initiatives in higher education. He received his undergraduate degree in sustainability from Arizona State University and his graduate degree in higher education administration from the University of Kansas. Eric has experience in sustainability education, program evaluation, and student development. His personal interests include reading science fiction, enjoying nature, and learning new skills.


Auraleigha Reneau

Student Sustainability Office Manager


Born but not raised in Eugene, Auraleigha has always felt at home in this green town. As an army brat she lived in many different states. While visiting family in Eugene one Summer she had a sudden realization that she wanted the same sustainable lifestyle brought to (her then current state of residence) Georgia. Auraleigha’s involvement in sustainability continued to grow leading her to attend UO. Her passions include her Christian faith, dance, environmental studies, and leadership.  This year she hopes to successfully reach out to the student body and the community in an act to collaborate with various groups on campus.