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Eric Beeler

Sustainability Program Coordinator


Eric Beeler has years of experience working on sustainability initiatives in higher education. He received his undergraduate degree in sustainability from Arizona State University and his graduate degree in higher education administration from the University of Kansas. Eric has experience in sustainability education, program evaluation, and student development. His personal interests include reading science fiction, enjoying nature, and learning new skills.


James Voelckers

Grove Campus Garden Coordinator


James is the 2014/2015 community garden manager of The Grove.  He received his undergraduate degree in Studio Art from Whitman College way back when in 2005.  He’s currently a 3rd year graduate student studying Landscape Architecture, with a strong focus on planning and agriculture.

Growing up in Juneau, Alaska led to his love of being outside in natural environments and being physically active.  (People say it’s rainy and lousy in Eugene; Eugene is great.)  During his early years, James was a member of 4-H.  While not much grows in Alaska, between that and summers spent on his grandparent’s farm, it was enough to get him hooked.  Last year, he took both the Fall and Spring terms of Urban Farm, an invaluable opportunity for those who like hands-on learning.

While it’s still a work in progress; it’s  only been around for 2 years, James is excited to spend this coming year improving the community garden, and helping it grow to its potential.


Cheyenna Kimbol

Student Project Coordinator


Cheyenna Kimbol is a Junior, majoring in Communication Disorder Sciences with a double-minor in Art and Landscape Architecture. Cheyenna enjoys working with children, and spending time in the outdoors.  She has a strong passion for self-healing, alternative medicine, sustainability, and the power of the mind.  After graduation from the University of Oregon, Cheyenna hopes to go on to pursue a masters degree in speech-language pathology and plans to become a SLP practicing primarily in elementary schools where she hopes to have a positive impact on the lives of children struggling with communication. Eventually, Cheyenna would like to live off-grid/ self sustainably, and also hopes to be a foster parent one day. In her free time Cheyenna enjoys astrology, tending to her patio-garden, traveling, snowboarding, nature-walks, kayaking, fishing, swimming, practicing tai chi meditation, keeping indigenous practices alive, finding alternative methods, trying new food, exploring diffrent ideals and cultures and seeking out wonder/ new experiences. Cheyenna is also a proud tribal member from the Klamath tribes of Oregon.


Erika Takeo

Student Project Coordinator


Erika is a graduate student studying Nonprofit Management.  Originally from Portland, Erika moved to Ohio to study sustainability at The College of Wooster.  At Wooster, she was heavily involved in student-run organizations that focused on sustainability, peace, and justice.  After working for an urban farming nonprofit in Cleveland, Ohio, Erika become interested in food justice and community food systems.  She has since volunteered, interned, and worked with various nonprofit organizations and farms that work to build vibrant communities through food.


Nicky Ulrich

Student Project Coordinator


Nicky is pursuing her Masters Degree in Nonprofit Management emphasizing in Food Studies. After serving in the Peace Corps in Senegal, West Africa, Nicky developed a passion for global development. She brought this new interest to her next position, working with Heifer International in Massachusetts where she was able to uncover her career goals of fighting for food justice both globally and domestically.

Born and raised in Southern California, Nicky is enjoying the change of pace that Eugene provides and she loved hiking, biking and exploring the area.Currently Nicky works and live on Berggren Demo Farm in Springfield, OR where she gets to play with goats all day and participate in daily farm tasks. When she isn’t out helping with the farm chores, she enjoys doing yoga and making delicious vegan meals.