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Bike Program

Mission Statement: “To inspire learning through student-powered outdoor adventure.”

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Located on the NE corner of 18th and University Streets


  • The Bike Program loans bikes, educates, and provides workshops


The UO Bike Program launched in September 2008 (as the Bike Loan Program) to increase access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable transportation. Through the integration of long-term bicycle loans, education, and recreation, the UO Bike Program will enhance the physical and cultural development of students. As a resource for alternative transportation, we will minimize our campus and community environmental impact.

We are here to help connect UO Students to bicycles. We can loan you a commute-ready bike for a term, or for a day. We can help you learn to fix your own bike in our free, do-it-yourself (DIY) workshop. We can offer you advice in your bike buying process. We can give you awesome volunteer and internship opportunities.

The Bike Program is administered through the EMU Outdoor Program (OP). The Bike Program is an important step in the University of Oregon’s commitment to sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment.