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Live Move

Promoting healthy, sustainable communities by integrating transportation and livability through collaboration, education, research and outreach

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Tuesdays at 4:30 PM

OP Barn

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  • 13th Avenue Corridor redesign
  • Community Outreach


The University of Oregon Transportation and Livability Student Group brings together undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines to focus on the planning and design of transportation systems as they relate to community quality of life and livability. (We have a general bias towards active and public transportation.)

Recently, Live Move has completed a project redesigning 13th Avenue with a two way cycletrack, of which the City of Eguene is now pursuing as n option. For more information, check out their final report: here

Within the group, there are opportunities to collaborate on planning and design projects, to gain leadership skills, to bring in high-profile guest speakers, and to network. In addition, generous funding is available through a grant from the Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium (OTREC) to support any University students to attend educational conferences, workshops or seminars to enhance their understanding of transportation-related issues.

The interdisciplinary nature of the group is unique at the UO, and while open to all majors, is especially well suited for Planning Public Policy & Management, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Geography, Environmental Studies, and related majors, both undergraduate and graduate.

For questions or more info contact

Nick Meltzer (President) at nsmeltzer [at] gmail [dot] com or

Alex Page (Vice President) at alexpage7 [at] gmail [dot] com