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Less than 1 week to apply to the Student Sustainability Fund!

Apply to the Student Sustainability Fund!

Application of Intent Due December 2nd!

The Student Sustainability Fund (SSF) is an annually allocated pot of general funds distributed to students by the leaders in the Student Sustainability Coalition. The SSF has allocated over $260,000 towards projects all over campus, and we want to help your project too! 

Best of all, we have an extra $5,000 to give out this year!

Please be sure to review the application process because it has changed slightly from years past. We are now accepting Applications of Intent, a short Google Form where we can learn more about the feasibility and eligibility of your project. Once you’ve submitted an Application of Intent, your group will be matched with a Student Sustainability Coalition Board Member who will discuss your project further and assist you through the application process.

Have questions? Please check out our website at coalition.uoregon.edu or email Stacy Ludington at coalition [dot] climatepreservation [at] gmail [dot] com.

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