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The Grove Community Garden

IMG_2136The Grove Garden is a unique garden for University of Oregon students. There are 31 plots available for rent on an annual basis on a quarter acre on Moss Street in East Campus. Plots are rented for a small fee that goes to support maintenance, our tool shed, water costs, and workshops for new gardeners. Supported by the Student Sustainability Coalition staff in partnership with the Urban Farm, the Grove is a place to come and learn, get your hands in the soil, and eat your delicious bounty!

Garden Application

Grove Community Garden Application

Garden plots are raffled off during the month of March. For priority consideration, please turn in your application by March 6, 2015.

Please fill out the garden application and email it to uossc [at] uoregon [dot] edu or drop it off at the Student Sustainability Center in McArthur Court. Printed copies are available at the Student Sustainability Center.

The Transformation!

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From a gardener:

“It feels so good to watch your food grow. It is so much fun and rewarding! I have never felt so good about eating food in my life! I come home from my garden with an arm load of beautiful, colorful, and organic produce that I CREATED. I remember kneeling on the ground searching for the first sprouts of my rainbow chard to pop out of the ground. The day I saw those little green leaves I literally jumped with happieness. There is something about growing food yourself that is beautiful, fulfilling, humbling, and satisfying. You do not take food for granted. It feels good because it is healthier and because I know exactly where it came from. I love the close relationship I have developed with my food. I started working at the grove before there were garden beds. I dug my bed and planted cover crops in the fall, waited patiently in the winter, turned in the cover crops and planted veggies in the spring, and enjoyed the fruits of my labor in the summer. It was so much fun to watch my humble garden bed change through out the whole year. Also, sharing the harvest with friends was just as fun. It feels good to give good organic produce to friends who ordinarily do not think much about what they are eating. Passing on the beauty of the organic garden to others who are unaware of its importance in their lives is really rewarding.”